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Crescendo Music Education

Crescendo Music Education, founded in the year 2000, was established with one purpose in mind, to support and connect Music Educators. Debbie O’Shea, the director, had a vision that included somehow getting practical help to teachers all over the world. Her own experience as a music teacher, struggling to get everything done that should be done in the best way possible for the huge number of students that she works with every week, told her that there must be a better way! The exhaustion and frustration that Debbie felt day in day out just didn’t relent, no matter how much study and work that she did. The answer, she thought was in the people.

What people? Me, you and lots of others, sharing and working together to improve things, make life a little easier for each other, share ideas and insights and resources. As Gandhi said, “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” So this is what she did. She worked to create, share, support, communicate… with music teachers everywhere.


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Many downloads for everyone to access! See the type of resources that you will be able to access as a Crescendo Member.


Access to everything that is on offer to piano level, new resources, plus forte discount on Crescendo workshops.


Access to everything that is on offer to forte level, plus access to selected archived workshop repeats and fortissimo discount on Crescendo workshops.


Access to everything that is on offer to fortissimo level, plus immediate access to post-workshop repeats, exclusive choral works and sforzato discount on Crescendo workshops.

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Teaching Music Remotely – Using FREE Crescendo Downloads

Keeping the Music Alive for Music Educators by Debbie O'Shea This second blog post around using Crescendo Downloads in remote teaching and learning is going to point to to ideas for the use of some of the free files on http://crescendo.com.au/.To access these files, all ...
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Teaching Music Remotely – Using Crescendo Member Downloads

Keeping the Music Alive for Music Educators by Debbie O'Shea There is much uncertainty and fear around Covid 19, and rightly so. As Music Educators, we have to get our head around how to teach our very social, hands-on, interactive subject. I would like to ...
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A (Personal) Cyber Safety Lesson

A (Personal) Cyber Safety Lesson for Music Educators by Debbie O'Shea Teachers, we all have a responsibility to teach our students about the ethical and safe use of ICTs. I would like to share one of the most powerful activities regarding this topic that I ...
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Lovely Words Said

“My first year of teaching classroom music straight out of uni was in a small town, with a circuit of 10 schools. I was feeling very isolated, overwhelmed, and desperately wanting some guidance to know that I was on the right track with my teaching.”

Read Carolyn's Crescendo Review >

“Crescendo not only connects teachers together, offering great workshops and ideas online but it filters through to the classroom. The Crescendo newsletters provide teaching tips, encouraging messages, practical ideas and plenty of resources. The workshops are a great way to learn new games and check whether I am on the right track in my music lessons.”

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“Crescendo offered a potential solution. When I looked into it, the resources that Crescendo provides (worksheets, planning templates, assessment items including rubrics and workbooks) were all suited to the curriculum that I follow. They have also been used with students and refined for improvement. Crescendo workshops, especially Preparing for the year and Totally Treble (choral workshop), are always extremely practical and engaging. They provide an opportunity to meet with other music teachers and to share ideas.”

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