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Beyond Carrots & Sticks: Behaviour Management in the Music Classroom

Are you a Music Teacher looking for ways to foster self-motivation and intrinsic motivation for learning?

You'll learn how to...

take a good look at your classroom management to discover what is and isn't working

encourage more positivity in your music classroom with systems that thrive on mutual respect

utilise 21 essential quick tips for fast success

identify the critical mindset shifts that change EVERYTHING!


Beyond Carrots & Sticks: Behaviour Management in the Music Classroom

If you're a music teacher who is struggling with managing the behaviour in your music classes, you're not alone!

Behaviour management is one of the single most important (and hardest to master!) skills to have as a teacher. I've broken down my decades of experience into two things I know will change everything for you: mindset & strategies.

Your FREE instant download includes everything you need to get back on track with your classroom management tomorrow – only one click away!

My aim is for my students to want to learn, to desire to contribute to the group, to actively support others and to have a genuine interest in learning more about music.

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It's time to re-think classroom & behaviour management

Mindset & Strategies Beyond the Carrots (Rewards) & Sticks (Punishments)

We hope that our students have a wonderful anticipation, excitement and energy when they arrive for their music lesson.

You WANT the children to be filled with wonder and energy, enthusiasm and curiosity as they enter your room.

So, the question is: How do we harness all that amazing spirit and creativity and use it for ‘good’ not ‘evil’?

The key to this lies in behaviour management.

Everything you need

Here's everything inside...

Your free e-book download includes:

  • The 7 mindset shifts that changed everything for me!
  • 21 essential quick-tips that you can use tomorrow
  • How to identify your 'danger-times'
  • How to use rewards & consequences in a completely new way
  • and MUCH MORE!
Beyond Carrots & Sticks Behaviour Management in the Music Classroom Landing Page Hero Image

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Debbie O'Shea

Debbie O’Shea is an enthusiastic and experienced music educator. Her qualifications include a Masters of Music Studies, a Graduate Diploma of Music Education, a Bachelor of Education, and the Holy Names Kodaly Summer Certificate (California). Debbie is passionate about supporting music educators through Crescendo Music Education. She has worked as a classroom teacher, primary music specialist, early childhood music teacher, curriculum writer, lecturer, workshop presenter, massed choir conductor, composer. She has had the honour of working with Education Queensland, Catholic Education, KMEIA Qld, Musica Viva in Schools, Music Count Us In, UQ and Griffith University.


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Carolyn Gunston

"I use many of the resources from Crescendo in my teaching. It is wonderful to know that I have a place that I can easily go to if I need any support or ideas.

I would highly recommend becoming a member of Crescendo Music to all music teachers!"

Cathy Cheel

"I attended a number of workshops before I became a Crescendo member but only after I took up membership, did I realise how much information and support I had been missing out on in previous years. 

I now feel that any problem I have or any time I am looking for fresh ideas, I can look back on newsletters, email Debbie or attend a workship and I’ll always have support. It's good to connect with other music teachers, share ideas and find solutions to some of the problems we face at school.

Crescendo provides a great sense of community which is invaluable amongst specialist teachers."

Anne O’Regan

"Being the only primary music teacher at my school means that I have no colleagues with which I can discuss planning, resources and assessment. I felt professionally

I feel much more organised and supported in my teaching role [now]. I think feedback to students is more authentic and the criteria for tasks is much clearer. My lessons are
more engaging with the resources I have gathered at workshops and through the [membership] website."