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Are you struggling to keep your music students engaged and learning?

Wish you could make music class more fun and interactive? Look no further than manipulatives!
These everyday objects can transform your lessons into dynamic experiences that boost engagement, creativity, and understanding for all learners.

Rhythm Manipulatives with Sticks
Manipulatives with Scarves
Using Stuffed Animals as Manipulatives

Discover the magic of manipulatives!

You'll love this FREE video tutorial and downloadable guide featuring a catchy handball activity perfect for young learners. See how Debbie O'Shea, experienced music educator, uses a simple song and bouncy balls to:

  • Spark repetition and practice without boredom
  • Unlock creativity and problem-solving skills
  • Cater to diverse learning styles
  • Turn learning into a joyful, collaborative experience
Manipulative Example with Notes

This is just the tip of the iceberg!

Dive deeper into the power of manipulatives with Debbie's upcoming course, Marvelous Music Manipulatives. Learn dozens of engaging activities, explore different manipulatives, and unlock the secrets to a more effective and joyful music classroom.

Let's Conquer These Common Problems Together!

Rhythm Manipulatives with Sticks 2

Motivation Melting Faster Than Ice Cream?

  • Rekindle that spark! Manipulatives unleash creativity as the conductor, orchestrating a classroom where every learner feels the thrill of creating their own musical masterpiece.

Losing Student Interest in the Dreaded Drills?

  • Replace repetitive practice with playful exploration!  Watch as boredom melts away like snow in sunshine as the repetition built into the fun works its magic. Manipulatives turn practice into a vibrant playground, where every repetition is a step on the ladder of musical mastery.

Diverse Learners Feeling Lost in the Melody?

  • Manipulatives offer different avenues to understanding, catering to visual, kinesthetic, and auditory learners. Using manipulatives helps to ensure every child feels the music and displays their learning in their own unique way.

Everyday Learning Has Lost Its Spark?

  • Bring back the laughter! Remember the pure bliss of playing as a child? Manipulatives bring that joy back to music class. Let's get your classroom buzzing with the infectious joy of learning.

Introducing the Marvelous Music Manipulatives Course!

Marvelous Music Manipulatives, our upcoming course, isn't just about adding a few toys to your toolbox. It's about unlocking a whole new realm of possibilities, where learning thrives with the power of touch, sight, and imagination.

You'll discover dozens of activities, explore a kaleidoscope of manipulatives, and learn how to weave them seamlessly into your curriculum.

Join me on this adventure, and let's transform your classroom into a symphony of joy, laughter, and deeper musical understanding. Together, we'll turn those classroom woes into wows, and watch your students blossom into confident, creative music makers!

Ready to make music magical? Grab your free video and guide, and let's dive into the world of manipulatives today!

All About

Debbie O'Shea

Debbie O’Shea is an enthusiastic and experienced music educator. Her qualifications include a Masters of Music Studies, a Graduate Diploma of Music Education, a Bachelor of Education, and the Holy Names Kodaly Summer Certificate (California). Debbie is passionate about supporting music educators through Crescendo Music Education. She has worked as a classroom teacher, primary music specialist, early childhood music teacher, curriculum writer, lecturer, workshop presenter, massed choir conductor, composer. She has had the honour of working with Education Queensland, Catholic Education, KMEIA Qld, Musica Viva in Schools, Music Count Us In, UQ and Griffith University.


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