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Singing: A Missing Link to Literacy

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Are you tired of the same old reading drills and flashcards that make learning feel like a chore? Well, have no fear because singing is here to make reading fun!

In this episode, we’ll be exploring how singing can be the key to unlocking your child’s potential for reading. We’ll be diving into the science behind how music activates multiple areas of the brain, making it easier for children to process language and learn to read.


Here is a little bit about our guest speaker:

Ann co-founded The Rock ‘n’ Read Project, a Minnesota nonprofit dedicated to “using singing to unlock children’s potential for reading.” She makes presentations and teaches courses for preschool and elementary classroom teachers, and recently wrote A Song a Day: Brain Prep for Pre-Readers, 50 sequenced lessons that use singing and music-making to enable children’s auditory processing, critical for proficient reading. Formerly, she was an elementary music teacher, choir director, and instructor of music teachers. She founded, directed, and taught in the Kodály Certification Program at the University of St. Thomas for 18 summers, and served as associate director of graduate music education.

Links Mentioned in the Episode:

Book Recommendation: Of Sound Mind: How Our Brain Constructs a Meaningful Sonic World

Metronome Apps with Pendulum Swing:

Pitch Pipe Apps (C-C)

Ann Kay’s Website and Resources:

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Singing is the outward manefestation of our souls. It’s not a luxury, it’s not a plugin, it’s not a nicety, it’s not a small entertainment for lunch time. For some of the children, it is every Childs birthright.

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