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    Two Old Tortoises

    Two old tortoises going for a walk, “Hello,” said one, “would you like a little talk?” “Yes,” said the other, “I do enjoy a chat.” So they walked along together with a natter, natter nat. This fabulous little rhyme is lots of fun for your young students. I begin with using index fingers to represent […]

  • Fast and Slow

    Sixteen different worksheets and flashcards to help you practice the concepts of FAST and SLOW. Print these off for a practice of the comparatives, FAST and SLOW – with and without illustration. There are four sheets designed the students to aurally identify: 1.Fast and Slow 2.Largo and Presto 3.Getting Slower and Getting Faster 4.Rallentando and […]

  • Melodic Contour – Up, Down, Same

    These worksheets are designed for use in the early stages of music education. You simply play or sing one of the options in the line, and the students circle what they hear. They are not for practicing specific melodic elements such as letter names or solfa syllables, they are for helping to develop the concept […]

  • Vocal Contour Ribbons

    These A4 cards are really useful for helping to lead young students to follow melodic contour. Use them with an individual or groups as they ‘Ah’ or Oh’ their way through the shape that is shown.

  • Monkey Occupation Picture Cards

    There are many ways to use these lovely monkey pictures. Each one is in a common well known occupation. You will find some teaching ideas in the document as well.

  • Giraffe House Work Picture Cards

    There are many ways to use these lovely giraffe pictures. Each one is (happily!) doing a common household chore. You will find some teaching ideas in the document as well.

  • One Two Three Four BW (no names)

    There are no names included in this version of the sheet One, Two, Three, Four. This one may be used for the children to have their own version on the rhyme by writing their name in as well as that of a friend. You may write in the names yourself for young children. Why not […]

  • One Two Three Four BW (with names)

    This rhyme is great for feeling the beat. You can change the text to include the names of the children in your group. This is a great way to build in repetition without any chance of boredom! I like to give an instrument (usually a drum) to the two children whose names we are putting […]

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    My Book of Beat Rhymes

    Eleven fabulous rhymes that have a strong feeling of beat. 2,4,6,8 This is the Way the Ladies Ride How do you Doo Tee Chop Chop Timothy Fish Flicker Flicker Flap Engine Engine No. 9 Bee Bee Bumble Bee My Father is a Butcher Queen Queen Caroline Icka Backa Run them off and have your students illustrate […]

  • Frogs

    Teaching Rhythm. These cute little frogs can be copied onto green paper, cut out and laminated. I use them mainly for reinforcing ‘sounds’ in a word when I am preparing for teaching the rhythmic pattern. I ask each child how many sounds in their name – e.g. 2 for Deb-bie. I place two frogs on […]