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Totally Treble



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Saturday 25 May, 2019

Presenter: Paul Holley OAM

In this workshop we will explore the rehearsal process from warm-ups, through rehearsing a piece and then conducting it and visit some fine Australian repertoire for treble choirs as well. Come ready to experiment with your conducting gestures and share ideas.

Session 1 – Conducting technique

In this session we cover conducting techniques with an aim to mastering basic techniques and improving communication through gesture.

Session 2 – Warm-ups and Rehearsal techniques

This session covers the reason for warm-ups and how to organise them to meet your specific purpose for that rehearsal. Through the use of examples from choral music we will explore how to teach a piece so that rather than just the words and notes being taught music is made.

Session 3 – Rehearsal to performance and review

Once the piece is learnt what options are available for presenting the piece to your audience. We will discuss and experiment with ways to present choral music. Also how do you evaluate your performance and build your programme

Each session will end with a Q & A period for participants to ask any questions they might have on the topic.





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