Roses are Red

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Roses are Red


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Purchase of this choral work entitles the purchasing school or choir to make as many copies as needed for their singers. Please keep receipt as proof of purchase to meet copyright requirements.

Two-part Treble Voices with piano accompaniment

Note from the composer:

I love writing pieces that are funny! This starts out just like a soppy, mushy love song, with pleasant melodies and nice accompaniment, lovely sweet text – and then the punch line hits! Children of any age can appreciate the humour, while at the same time, performing two part choral music.

The beginning of the song starts with the two parts taking turns to sing,

Please feel free to play up the humour in this piece. When I have performed this with my choirs, I decided to ‘down play’ the joke and just let the audience wonder if they heard correctly or not.  After the second time we sing about the nuts, the audience starts to giggle….


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