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Prepare for 2018 Workshop Repeat

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Prepare for 2018

Welcome! Here is the video of the workshop Repeat – Prepare for 2018. I can assure you the work that went into the preparation of all of this is hundreds of hours – so I hope it help you!. I hope you LOVE your access to Prepare for 2018.

To play this video you will need the password: CrescendoPrepare2018

Here are the files to which I refer in this workshop:

Notes: Prepare for 2018 Notes

Summary of Australian Curriculum form Deb Brydon: 2018_Deb Brydon_AC Summary

Workbooks: Year 1-3 Semester 1 2017 PDF Year 1-3 Semester 1 2017 Word Year 1-3 Semester 2 2017 PDF Year 1-3 Semester 2 2017 word Year 4-6 Semester 1 2017 PDF Year 4-6 Semester 1 2017 Word Year 4-6 Semester 2 2017 PDF Year 4-6 Semester 2 2017 Word 

And the new outline of a workbook master in Power Point: Year 1 Semester 1

Planning documents: Music Overview 2018 Detailed Assessment Overview 2018 Criteria Sheets

Tests: Tests – Semester 2 – 2018Tests – Semester 1 – 2018

Excel Docs for recording student marks:  How to create an Exel Electronic mark bookSample Mark Book

Individual Beat cards for your tool box: Individual Beat Cards

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