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Daintree River


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A three part (SSA) piece with piano and cello accompaniment.

The inspiration for a children’s choral work about this magical part of the world was born during the time I lived in Cairns. I am sure visitors to the area share my wonder, and it is my hope that some of the power, beauty, spirituality and enchantment is conveyed through the music.
I love the sounds and the sometimes surprising harmonies created by using the Phrygian mode.

Performance Notes
Bars 4 – 11 may be sung as a solo, or a small group. The feeling of smoothness, constant flow and quiet power with an almost haunting quality is present through the work, however there is a climactic section (starting to build in bar 28, with bars 40 – 42 at the peak)
The cello part may be difficult, and a viola part is included as an alternative. The strings add tone colour and interest and I thank Keith Sharp for this beautiful string part.


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