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Together Sing is not your average sing-along event; it's a week-long celebration that hits all the right notes for your mental well-being.

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It’s time to harmonize, belt out those high notes, and let your spirit soar with Together Sing!

Together Sing is not your average sing-along event; it’s a week-long celebration that hits all the right notes for your mental well-being. We’re here to prove that music education and singing together can be your secret weapons for a happier, healthier you.

Schools and community groups from far and wide come together to create a symphony of joy and unity. We’ve got a special song, tailor-made for this magical occasion. It’s not just any song; it’s a musical masterpiece crafted just for you.

And guess what? All the musical goodies are absolutely FREE! Thanks to our awesome partners at Kodály Queensland, we’re able to offer you digital downloads packed with lyrics, audio files, scores, and other musical treasures. These partners aren’t just supporters; they’re musical magicians who’ve generously shared their time and expertise to make this happen.

In 2023, we’re thrilled to present “Fill the World with Song,” a melodic masterpiece composed by the talented Australian composer, Rhonda Davidson-Irwan, and arranged by the brilliant Will Brown. It’s going to be a hit!

Last year, we rocked it with over 150,000 enthusiastic singers, 560 teacher/conductors, 25 amazing partners, and 67 fantastic resources. And guess what? When you register for 2023, you’ll get access to all the musical goodness from 2022 too. It’s a musical time machine, just for you!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab that mic, warm up those vocal cords, and get ready to make some musical memories at Together Sing. Let’s fill the world with song and happiness, one note at a time!

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Fill the World with Song Performance

Tyler Swick Boomwhacker Play-Along: Together Sing 2023

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