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Music enthusiasts, get ready to be inspired and enlightened by a true maestro in the field of music education!

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Dr. Jason Goopy, our esteemed guest speaker, is not just your run-of-the-mill educator; he’s a musical dynamo with a passion for teaching, a knack for scholarly pursuits, and a charisma that can turn any lecture into a symphony of knowledge.

So, get ready to tap your feet, nod your head, and soak in the rhythm of wisdom as we welcome Dr. Jason Goopy to the stage. His passion for music education, his scholarly achievements, and his commitment to nurturing young minds through the magic of music will undoubtedly strike a harmonious chord within each of us. Let’s give a thunderous applause and a warm welcome to our music education virtuoso!

Dr. Jason Goopy Biography

Dr Jason Goopy is a recognised teacher, scholar, and leader in music education. He is currently Lecturer and Coordinator of Secondary and Instrumental Music Education at Edith Cowan University and draws upon 15 years of leading arts programs and teaching music in Australian combined primary and secondary schools. Jason’s research investigates the interface between music, education, and psychology. He received the Australian Society for Music Education Callaway Doctoral Award and his subsequent monograph, Teenage boys, musical identities and music education: An Australian narrative inquiry, will be submitted to Routledge later this year for publication. Jason is the recipient of an ECU Early Mid-Career Research Grant and is currently examining the potential of trauma-informed community music education to support the wellbeing of young people using a highly qualitative arts-based research methodology. He serves on the editorial boards of the International Journal of Music Education and the International Journal of Research in Choral Singing. Jason is the current national President of the Australian Society for Music Education, Immediate Past President of Kodály Australia, and an Advisory Group Member for the Alberts Tony Foundation national project, Music Education: Right from the Start. 

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