The Journey of a Choral Conductor (Part 2 of 2) | 063

Jenny Moon is an esteemed choral conductor, specializing in children's and youth choirs, her expertise is highly regarded in the field.

Podcast Highlights

Introducing Jenny Moon in Part 2 – Brace yourself for an extraordinary encounter with Jenny Moon, a dynamic powerhouse in the realm of music. Her unwavering commitment to sharing the splendor and delight of Australian music knows no bounds. With an unyielding passion for nurturing local talent, Jenny has emerged as a prominent advocate, championing Australian music within choirs and communities.

Jenny’s contagious enthusiasm and inexhaustible vigor position her as an unparalleled guide on the voyage of musical exploration. She possesses an exceptional talent for captivating singers from all walks of life and age groups, awakening their adoration for music in unimaginable ways. Get ready to be captivated as we delve into the world of Jenny Moon!

About Jenny Moon:

Jenny has a passion for promoting Australian music to choirs and communities . She excels at engaging choristers in music across extensive styles to further develop their understanding of the world through the lens of text and music.

Links Mentioned in the Episode:

Bigger Better Brains

Jenny’s Favorite Choral Piece – Faure Requiem

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