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Get ready to meet Jenny Moon, a vibrant force in the world of music who is dedicated to spreading the joy of Australian music far and wide.

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Get ready to meet Jenny Moon, a vibrant force in the world of music who is dedicated to spreading the joy and beauty of Australian music far and wide. With an unwavering passion for promoting homegrown talent, Jenny has become a leading advocate for Australian music within choirs and communities.

Jenny’s infectious enthusiasm and boundless energy make her an exceptional guide on the journey of musical exploration. She possesses a remarkable ability to engage choristers of all ages and backgrounds, igniting their love for music in ways they never imagined. Sit tight as we hear from Jenny Moon!

About Jenny Moon:

Jenny Moon is an esteemed choral conductor, specializing in children’s and youth choirs, her expertise is highly regarded in the field. Holding a degree from the prestigious Queensland Conservatorium of Music, Jenny’s dedication to choral music is evident through her work as an educator and advocate.

With over 30 years of experience as a classroom music specialist, Jenny has made a lasting impact in numerous schools in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. Her contributions have been instrumental in nurturing young talents and fostering a love for music among students. Currently, Jenny serves as the Associate Artistic Director of the renowned Voices of Birralee, where she leads the esteemed treble choir, Brisbane Birralee Voices, and co-conducts the Birralee Kids.

Until recently, Jenny held the position of Head of Choral and Vocal Studies at Hillcrest Christian College on the Gold Coast. During her tenure, she successfully developed and expanded the choral program, overseeing the growth of 12 choirs, including four Excellence Choirs.

Jenny’s deep passion lies in promoting Australian music to choirs and communities. Her exceptional ability to engage choristers in various musical styles has played a significant role in broadening their understanding of the world through the combined lenses of text and music. With her infectious enthusiasm and innovative approaches, Jenny has proven herself to be a leader in connecting audiences with the rich musical heritage of Australia.

Through her work as a conductor, choral workshop presenter, and adjudicator, Jenny continues to inspire and uplift those she encounters. Her unwavering commitment to the power of choral music as a transformative and unifying force is a testament to her outstanding contributions to the field.

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