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Who knew that singing games could pack such a powerful punch in the music classroom?! 🤩🎶 Not only do they get your students moving and grooving, but they also promote a whole host of important skills! 🙌🏼 From impulse control to problem-solving, and even language acquisition – singing games have got it all! 🤓🎵 Plus, they create a supportive environment where students feel comfortable taking risks and exploring their creativity. 🎤🎶

Get ready to add some serious FUN to your music classroom with our top picks for singing games! 🎶🤩 These games are guaranteed to get your students singing, dancing, and grooving their way to musical mastery. 🕺💃 Plus, they’re a fantastic way to liven up your lessons and keep your students engaged and excited about learning. 🎤🎉

  • Aqua Qua
  • Alice the Camel
  • Father William
  • Sailing on the Ocean
  • A Sailor went to Sea
  • Great Big house
  • Chickalileo
  • Sold Roger is Dead
  • Oh Soldier Soldier
  • There was an Old Woman who swallowed a Fly
  • Kangaroo
  • London Bridge
  • 1,2,3 O’Leary
  • Charlie Over the Ocean
  • Cut the Cake
  • The Bear Went over the Mt

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