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Ladies and gentlemen of the musical realm, let me introduce you to a true musical dynamo – the one and only Grant J Ward!

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Ladies and gentlemen of the musical realm, let me introduce you to a true musical dynamo – the one and only Grant J Ward!

From the tender age of 5, when most kids are still learning to tie their shoelaces, Grant’s heart was already resonating with the magic of music. A young boy, determined as ever, relentlessly pestering his non-musical parents for piano lessons. And after three years of his melodic persistence, at the age of 8, the piano became his gateway to a world of enchantment.

As he journeyed through primary and secondary school, the symphonic threads of his destiny wove a captivating tale. By the time he was 12, Grant’s creative spirit couldn’t be contained, and he began crafting his own harmonious stories through songwriting. At 14, he was already harmonizing with school choirs, his nimble fingers dancing across the piano keys in rehearsals and dazzling performances.

At the remarkable age of 15, he embarked on a new rhythm, sharing his musical wisdom with the world by teaching private piano lessons. And oh, the tunes he must have shared!

He’s lent his melodic genius to numerous esteemed institutions and projects, including collaborations with the likes of Antix Theatre Company, The Victorian College of the Arts, and the Australian Girls’ Choir. As a singer, songwriter, and composer, his portfolio reads like a lyrical adventure novel, with five stage musicals under his belt, including the enchanting ‘Café Butterfly’.

The infamous Spin Round collections have not only captured hearts but also taught us that music can indeed make the world go ’round.

And now, dear music teachers, it’s our great pleasure to introduce you to Grant J Ward, the orchestrator of inspiration!

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Grant Ward’s Website: Seize the Tune

Together Sing with Debbie

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