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Learning Music Never Ends with John Colwill - Part 1

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John Colwill is a remarkable individual who holds a deep appreciation for the educators who have shaped his life. From the earliest days of his education to the present, John recognizes the profound impact that teachers have had on his personal and professional development. But what sets John apart is his recognition that he is indebted not only to his teachers, but also to his students, both young and old, who have become invaluable sources of knowledge and inspiration.

John’s journey has been one of gratitude, as he acknowledges the opportunities and privileges he has been fortunate enough to access. Through his experiences, he has gained a keen awareness of the transformative power of education and the doors it can open. John understands that his own growth has been nurtured by the guidance of teachers and the unwavering support of his students.

But John’s passion for education doesn’t stop there. He is an educator who deeply believes in the power of teaching and the joy of lifelong learning. His commitment to his students goes beyond the classroom, as he constantly seeks to engage them in meaningful conversations and foster an environment of intellectual curiosity.

About John Colwill:

John Colwill changed his life for music. He gave up a promising career in medicine to follow his true love, teaching music.

”I resisted something that came very easy for me and went for something that wasn’t. I didn’t have a choice. I had one of those moments [where I realised] I don’t fit here, I really don’t fit in here.”

It is a decision that has affected the lives of hundreds of children, as he went on to develop a piano-teaching method for young children using coloured keys for the foundation steps, ”Piano Play”.

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Keyboard Approach to Harmony by Margaret Lowry

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  1. Merle Edmonds on June 30, 2023 at 6:51 pm

    He’s the best. Learned much under his baton in a choir which choristers looked forward to. Respected his critiques in newspaper on professional concerts. He could “transport one” with his piano playing and he’s a jolly nice friend. (ex staff QPAC) Qld Oz.

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