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Welcome to another episode of our IT Byt series, where we discover how IT can make our lives easier and more enjoyable.

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🎵 Welcome to another episode of our IT Byt series, where we dive into the wonderful world of technology and discover how it can make our lives easier and more enjoyable. Today, we have the one and only Stuart George from CKP Creative.

Now, you might be wondering what brings a music teacher into the realm of IT Byt. Well, it turns out that Stuart has a knack for using Chrome extensions to jazz up his digital toolkit and manage those pesky passwords that seem to be always out of tune. With his expertise, Stuart is here to show us how he keeps his digital life in perfect harmony using the power of Chrome extensions.

So, grab your keyboards and get ready to unlock the secrets of Chrome extensions and password management in a way that will have you humming a happy tune. 🎹🎶

📣 ACTION – Share your FAV Chrome Extensions in the comments!

About Stuart George:

Stuart from CKP Creative is a passionate technologist and a self-confessed geek with a background as a professional musician and a creative. Creative digital solutions is a topic that Stuart loves to share as a presenter at online and in-person events. He takes the fear away from dealing with digital and explaining complex problems in a matter-of-fact way, which he does daily as the digital creative director and CEO at CKP Creative. With over 20 years in Digital and Technology, Stuart has seen technology’s rapid change and development. He can’t wait for what’s coming next!

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Links Mentioned in the Episode:

Password Apps: LastPass, Zoho

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