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Brain Development and Music Learning

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Dr. Anita Collins is an award-winning educator, researcher and writer in the field of brain development and music learning. She is internationally recognized for her unique work in translating the scientific research of neuroscientists and psychologists to the everyday parent, teacher and student. Anita is the author of The Music Advantage, a book for parents and teachers about the extraordinary and often surprising benefits of learning music for children from newborns to teenagers.

Anita conducts her education and advocacy work through her brand Bigger Better Brains, a face to face and online education provider for the global music education community about the application of neuromusical research.

Anita may be best known for her role as on-screen expert and campaign lead for the Don’t Stop the Music documentary that aired on the ABC in late 2018, her TED Ed lesson How playing an instrument benefits your brain, her and her TEDx Talk What if every child had music education from birth. In 2018 her contribution to the field of music education was recognised with the Educators Award at the inaugural Australian Women in Music awards.

  • Highlights of Your Journey (4:33)
  • Most Influential Person in Your Life (12:13)
  • For What Are You Most Grateful? (17:02)
  • Nuggets of Fabulous (20:14)
  • Educate to Advocate for Brain Development and Music Learning (30:59)
  • Get on Your Soap Box! (38:58)

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