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Mark Puddy has worked in Music Education for the past 37 years and is in demand as a composer of choral works. He is regularly commissioned to write works for schools and community choirs around Australia.  He has published many choral pieces and his works are performed regularly in Australia and overseas, often appearing in eisteddfoddau and other choral competitions as set pieces or as recommended works.

Mark is the resident arranger and composer for the Australian Girls Choir and this organisation regularly performs his works for children ranging from 5 to 18 years of age. Mark conducts and tutors with The Australian Girls Choir, and has been a regular conducting tutor at ACCET (Australian Choral Conductors’ Education and Training) for the last 9 years, teaching conducting to choral directors from around Australia.

Mark regularly tours home and abroad with the Australian Girls Choir, often as an accompanist. This, combined with his instrumental experience as a trumpeter in the Australian Youth Orchestra, South Australian Youth Orchestra and various ensembles has been invaluable when it comes to working with and writing for ensembles. 

  • Highlights of his journey as a musician and a composer? (10:20)
  • Ways to approach the composition process? (13:52)
  • Journey of getting your music out to the world. (22:13)
  • People who have been influential in your life. (24:04)
  • Moment of gratitude (27:37)
  • Nuggets of Fabulous’ – Your all-time favourite resources, activities, songs or games? (29:40)
  • Advocacy for Music Educators (35:26)
  • Get on your soap box! The most important advice. (37:28)
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