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Today, we present to you an exciting resource that can revolutionize the way your students connect with music...the Melodic Practice Video.

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In the dynamic world of music education, finding innovative and engaging tools to enhance student learning is always a priority. Today, we present to you an exciting resource that can revolutionize the way your students connect with music…the Melodic Practice Video. Whether utilized in the comfort of home or within a hybrid classroom setting, this video is a versatile learning tool that combines sound and symbol to foster a deeper understanding of musical concepts.

At its core, the Melodic Practice Video provides a clear and concise visual representation of musical notation. By bringing notation directly in front of your students, you open the doors to a multitude of learning styles and creative possibilities. There are numerous ways to engage with the video, catering to diverse student preferences and ensuring a comprehensive musical experience.

Incorporating fun and excitement into music education is crucial for keeping students motivated and inspired. With the Melodic Practice Video, you have a powerful tool at your disposal to make learning an enjoyable journey. So, gather your students, press play, and embark on a musical adventure that will enrich their understanding and love for music.

20 Ways to Use a Melodic Practice Video:

  1. Neutral syllable
  2. Solfa
  3. Solfa and handsigns
  4. Handsigns only 
  5. Letter names
  6. Letter names and hand staff
  7. Recorder
  8. Tuned percussion
  9. Rhythm names
  10. Boomwhackers
  11. Sing in retrograde
  12. Half class backwards/half forwards
  13. Take turns in singing each one – half class
  14. Take turns in singing each one – small groups
  15. Take turns in singing each one – individual
  16. Three groups – each group singing only one of the notes.  
  17. Combine with inner-hearing – pitch elements
  18. Inner-hearing – rhythm elements
  19. Press pause after hearing one and perform a combination of the ideas above
  20. Create flashcards and show one during the playing of the melody to indicate how the students are to echo

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