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Here is the Crescendo Music Education Podcast – Episode 55.
Hello, I am Debbie O’Shea and welcome to this edition of the Crescendo Music Education Podcast. Now, the title of this episode is My Puppy Ate Fozzie Bear’s Banana.

Now, I’m gonna tell you a story. This episode is just me telling you a story. Now some people, many people, okay, most people I know, including my family think that I do not tell a good story. They think I waffle, they often are a bit disappointed because they feel my stories don’t really have an end. Of course they have an end and sometimes you need waffle and you need embellishment. And I like telling stories, even if the most of the rest of humanity thinks I don’t tell a good story. I still like telling stories. So I’m going to tell you this story. It is a true story.

Okay, now, if this is the first time you’ve ever tuned in to a Crescendo Music Education Podcast, I’d like to request that you now stop and go back to any other episode that I have produced, any, listen to any one of them, because those other episodes are really useful in some way. But this episode will have no teaching ideas, you will have no chats to listen to as I talk to amazing music educators, composers, conductors and awesome people, you’re not going to get any of that. In this episode, you’re just going to get my story.

So here we go. I’m gonna really do my best to hold it together as I tell this story.

About ‘Read the Episode’: Sometimes, we would rather skim visually than listen to a podcast! That’s a great way to learn too! The transcript of episode 055 of The Crescendo Music Education Podcast is below.

It All Started with a Banana

So I recorded an episode, it was actually the John Colwill episode with my beautiful earrings. And I’m wearing them now. So if you’re watching this, you’ll see there’s Kermit the Frog Lego and Fozzie Bear Lego. I’ll put a couple of pictures in the show notes, in case you’re listening and you can go and have a look.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is fozzie-who-has-lost-his-banana-944x1024.jpg
My Fozzie Bear Earring

So I was wearing these beautiful earrings recording this podcast episode. All went well. Good episode, if you want to go listen to that fabulous. Then I went up so it was Easter Monday, this recording, and I went out of my office onto our veranda and my husband was there. And so I ripped off my tie dye shirt. Now, no, no, stop. Okay, I have to say right now, I was wearing a dress underneath. Because, in fact, I am now too because believe it or not, I do not live in my tie dye shirts. It’s become my work uniform.

So for my professional development work, and I wear them to school, they’ve become my professional uniform. How that happened and it was about 10 years ago. I guess. That’s another story. So I’m not gonna get into that story today. But so my shirt was just over my dress. So I ripped off my shirt and thought on no, I forgot I had these big beautiful Lego earrings.

Now, I should say I have to thank Kathy Hiley. Just an magnificent human being. Hello there Kathy Hiley. She gave me these earrings, she gave me I think that’s right, gave me Fozzie and Gonzo and then gave me Kermit later so I can mix and match. Okay, so thank you, Kathy Hiley, I regress.

So I ripped off my shirt and went, Oh, no, my earrings. Okay, and I’m, I can’t actually remember if the shirt was off, or if I put it back on quickly, and I heard a little chink onto the deck. I grabbed my earrings out. I pulled my earrings out and looked, and Fozzie Bear who holds because as I said they’re Lego. So he holds a microphone in one hand. And because Fozzie Bear is a comedian, a bit like me (laughs). I’ve even been told I look like Fozzie when I laugh anyway. In his other hand he usually holds a banana. So it’s a Lego figure size plastic banana.

And I heard like hard plastic hitting the veranda decking. Ok, and at the same time I heard that hit. I looked at my earring and thought no Fozzie’s lost his banana. No, I’ve dropped the banana. That must have been the sound I turn and my puppy who is six and a half months old, likes the look of my banana. So she grabs the banana, I hear crunch that sound of puppy teeth onto hard plastic and I go no and I grab her and look in mouth or tried to look and it’s too late. It’s gone. My puppy has just eaten Fozzie Bear’s banana.

Fozzie’s Banana with a Tooth Mark

Now I’m quite devastated by the fact that my puppy has just eaten Fozzie Bear’s banana and I go no, no Fozzie Bear needs his banana. On that I’m starting to cry. Okay, Fozzie Bear needs his banana. What am I gonna do I say to my husband? Don’t pick up any of her poo, because I’m gonna find my banana again.

So that really ends on Monday. So, Tuesday, I didn’t do anything. I did no poo investigating on Monday night and on Tuesday, we went away for the day and we visited a friend in Maryborough. So we left quite early because it’s a three hour drive. Anyway, we came back, fed the dog who was very hungry. There’s quite a bit of poo, she eats a lot. She poos a lot for a six and a month old puppy. She poos a lot. And I just thought, no, look, it’s getting dark. It’s been a big day. The poo will be there for me tomorrow.

Okay, so I get up this morning. So we’re up to Wednesday morning after Easter. I take her for a walk. So my husband is working. So I take her for a walk by myself.

Off I go, we have a big walk. So we’re wandering along and she goes off the track. So we have a bush track here we walk along. It’s just beautiful. And I can let her off the leash. So she runs if there’s another dog around, I call her back, put her on the leash all this good, right?

So she wanders off a few meters off the path and I noticed the poo hunch and I’m thinking of no here comes a poo. I can’t risk having the banana lost in the bush. I’m thinking I don’t actually know how long it takes things to pass through her system. I figured she wouldn’t be pooing out the banana now, I’d say I’d say it’s already gone, but I can’t risk it.

So I find a suitable stick and go a couple of meters off the path. Hope nobody else comes along. There’s not many people on this path. I’m pretty lucky. And I go through the poo with the stick. Okay, there’s no plastic banana in the poop. Of course. It’s obvious I could easily try and buy a new banana from LEGO. I’m sure you can buy little bits of Lego but I really wanted the original banana back. Don’t ask me why? I don’t know.

Anyway, so we had our walk. We get home I think I can’t put this off any longer. I have to start looking through the poo in our yard. So I put one on our poo shovel and I get a stick and I start going through it. And the good news is on about the fourth or fifth poo I’ve found the banana. Now it’s got one dent in it from her teeth where her teeth had a good crunch. So there is a little dent so the banana is at the moment soaking in it’s like third lot of boiling water. But I got the banana back. I wanted you to know I got it.

Here’s Fozzie in my ear now, he’s not got his banana because I’m still making sure that the banana is really clean. But I just wanted to tell you this story about my puppy eating Fozzie Bear’s banana. Okay, okay, it’s just a story. There’s nothing here music education. There’s nothing here teaching ideas. No profound learnings. There’s no analogies, and I thought I wonder if I wonder if I thought really hard? Could there be any lessons learned from this story of when my puppy Fozzie Bear’s banana okay. So I’ve actually come up with four.

Life Lessons from a Banana

Lesson 1

You could take the lesson don’t do any form of undressing on your veranda? I guess that could be one of the lessons.

Lesson 2

Another lesson could be just be careful you don’t drop your banana. You could say sometimes you’ve got to go through a bit of crap before you find what you’re looking for. Or sometimes it’s worth going through a bit of crap to find something of value, maybe.

But my favourite one I came up with is I’m going to leave you with this. Okay, so before I give you the mic drop learning from my story. Look, make sure you do listen to my proper podcast episodes all about music education, because I’m quite passionate about supporting, connecting and inspiring music teachers. I hope you’ve enjoyed this little diversion.

The Mic Drop

And I will leave you with this that sometimes things can get pretty crappy.

But there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. 😁🍌

Thank you for joining me for this podcast. Don’t forget that you’ll find the show notes on Also, you can find the transcripts there. So you’ve got all of the detail that you need. If you’ve found this podcast useful, I’d really love it if you share the link with a colleague. Remember, all I can be is the best version of me. All you can do is be the best you. We’ll meet again, I hope we will. Bye.


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Just for Laughs

As we know laughter relieve stress. Don’t lose sight of the funny side of life.

Now, I think you’re going to have to go back and listen to this one twice.
Okay, just a warning before I start.
Shout ‘out’ to the people who ask what is the opposite of the word in?
Now go back and listen to it again.

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