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  • Assessment

    Efficient yet authentic assessment items (tasks, performances, compositions, tests...) can be difficult to create. Find some ideas in this section.
  • Choir

    Find some really useful resources to help you with your choral conducting.
  • Classroom Decor

    A collection of quotes, graphics, and posters that can be used to decorate your music classroom.
  • Classroom Management

    This category includes classroom decor, awards, behaviour management and even some inspiration for you and your students. Find new ideas and inspiration in this category, ready to download, print and enact!
  • Dynamics and Expression

    Fun worksheets and activities that can be used to explore the musical elements of dynamics and expression
  • Form/Timbre/Texture

    Worksheets to practice the concepts of Form, Timbre and Texture
  • Fun Stuff

    Do you need a laugh? Something fun for you, or something for the students? Browse through this category.
  • Games

    We all need some inspiration from time to time to engage our students. This category contains many ideas for games for the music classroom.
  • Inspiration

    Sometimes we all need a bit of inspiration to get us through the school term and to push the students further. Here you can find posters and images of quotes and inspirational stories
  • Instruments in the Classroom

    Where words fail, music speaks. A few things that will help you give your students the gift of a musical voice.
  • Listening

    Great collection of worksheets that can be used with students when doing listening and responding tasks.
  • Literacy and Numeracy Through Music

    As well as being intrinsically valuable, music is an incredibly powerful teaching tool. Here are some ideas for teaching literacy and numeracy through music.
  • Music Advocacy

    Some useful ideas, tools, suggestions and links to assist with the education of others within your community. Why do we need music in our schools? Why is it so important to our children? More on this can be found on my pinterest board:
  • Planning

    Overviews, long-term and short term planning, lesson planning...
  • Repertoire

    The central component of our programs. Songs, Rhymes, Picture Songs and Signature Pictures can all be found here.
  • Technology

    Fabulous ready to print activities, teaching ideas, loads to help you incorporate technology into the music classroom.
  • Workshop Notes and Participant Ideas

    In this Section you can find some notes from Crescendo workshops.
  • Workshop Repeats

    For Crescendo Members only, pop in and see past Crescendo workshops and download the notes too! WOW! See some of the most amazing Music Educators and Choral Conductors working and sharing their knowledge with us.