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  • Art Music and Listening

    Classroom music programs often need a dash of great Art Music teaching ideas. In this category you will find plenty to give you inspiration and support.
  • Behaviour Management and Awards

    Ideas and reproducible masters to help you out with the day to day grind of managing your students' behaviour.
  • Classroom Environment

    Files to print, and ideas to brighten up your room.
  • Classroom Management

    This category includes classroom decor, awards, behaviour management and even some inspiration for you and your students. Find new ideas and inspiration in this category, ready to download, print and enact!
  • Clip Art

    Original Music Clip Art to add some zest to any of your documents! Use on worksheets, notes home or jazz up your planning!
  • Curriculum

    Just what music teachers need! Planning, assessment, and, most importantly, the fabulous Crescendo Workbooks. Jump in here and see what amazing value your Crescendo membership actually provides!
  • Curriculum, Planning and Assessment

    This category is to help with that all important job of plotting the course for your students, keeping them on track, evaluating their progress and even reporting to parents.
  • Early Childhood

    All the experts agree, starting music as early as possible gives your students the best start, not only in terms of their musical development, but also socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively.
  • Flashcards

    I love flashcards. So great for a quick read, an instant ostinato, take one and play, recognition games...
  • Fun Stuff

    Do you need a laugh? Something fun for you, or something for the students? Browse through this category.
  • Games

    We all need some inspiration from time to time to engage our students. This category contains many ideas for games for the music classroom.
  • Instruments in the Classroom

    Where words fail, music speaks. A few things that will help you give your students the gift of a musical voice.
  • Literacy and Numeracy Through Music

    As well as being intrinsically valuable, music is an incredibly powerful teaching tool. Here are some ideas for teaching literacy and numeracy through music.
  • Motivation and Inspiration

    Do you need a little pick-me-up? Do you need a reminder about how important your work is? Well here is the category for you!!!!
  • Music Advocacy

    Some useful ideas, tools, suggestions and links to assist with the education of others within your community. Why do we need music in our schools? Why is it so important to our children? More on this can be found on my pinterest board:
  • Other Key Learning Areas

    Some files and teaching ideas that spill over into other teaching areas.
  • Repertoire

    The central component of our programs. Songs, Rhymes, Picture Songs and Signature Pictures can all be found here.
  • Teaching Tips and Ideas

    Loads of teaching ideas and resources for your music lessons.
  • Technology

    Fabulous ready to print activities, teaching ideas, loads to help you incorporate technology into the music classroom.
  • Videos

    Find useful teaching videos at There will be more videos here soon available only to members.
  • Worksheets

    This is the BIGGEST Category on! So many worksheets ready to run off and use right away or use as ideas that to adapt and make your own.
  • Worksheets/Activities

    Worksheets, activity ideas and games can be found here. So many downloads that are all practical and ready for action.
  • Workshop Notes and Participant Ideas

    In this Section you can find some notes from Crescendo workshops.