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  • Caterpillar Capers

    Two caterpillars, side by side, have matching segments in their cute little bodies. Students find the pairs, connecting with a line, or colouring the pairs to match.
  • Chords

    This section may help your students understand the structure of chords and how they work.
  • Code Breaker

    These code breaker worksheets are a fun way to practice known music elements. They have a multitude of applications such as: fast finishers, relief teaching, ‘sore throat’ days, electronic display or create student workbooks.
  • Colouring In

    All of these worksheets require some coloured pencils. They practice various music concepts. They would make a great addition to workbooks, or use them as a stand along activity.
  • Copy, Compose Transfer

    Just as the title suggests, these worksheets give a short melody on the staff. Students copy it onto the staff below. They then transpose to another position on the staff. Finally, they transfer the melody to stick notation.
  • Cross out a Note

    In this series of worksheets, students cross out one note to equal the given bar length.
  • Crosswords

    Handy to have crossword worksheets on all sorts of music topics.
  • Dictation

    Useful masters for dictation.
  • Find the Mistakes

    Find the Mistake worksheets are an efficient way to use the precious time you have in your music lessons. I am constantly looking for ways to practice reading and writing that don't involve too much time. Voila! In these sheets, the student simply find the errors.
  • Intervals

    Frequent practice is needed to learn intervals! These aural based sheets should prove invaluable.
  • Jigsaws

    Print these sheets for your students to cut up and glue in the correct order.
  • Match

    It’s as easy as drawing a line between the two matching boxes. This is a quick easy revision, or a speedy test! These worksheets would be good in group work or part of contract work.
  • Repertoire

    Worksheets based on known repertoire and song analysis.
  • Staff to Stick Notation

    These worksheets do just what the category suggests, the students write the staff notation as stick notation. Various levels of support are given. Sometimes the rhythmic pattern is given and the students write in the solfa.