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  • Crescendo Music Crossword Puzzle Collection

    This collection contains 12 crossword puzzles and covers a wide range of musical topics, including: Baroque Composers, Brass Instruments, Classical Composers, Contemporary Composers, Italian Tempo Terms, Music Genres, Percussion Instruments, Pop Groups, Singing Terms, String Instruments, Woodwind Instruments, and World Instruments. Answer sheets are provided for each puzzle. Enjoy!

  • Student Certificate Bundle

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    Student Certificates Bundle

    Two certificates bundled in one! The first is a Music Award, the second is a more general Congratulations. Both are very nice for positive recognition.

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    Blank Manuscript

    Music teachers, we all need manuscript paper some time for some thing. Here is a useful free file for you. Twelve different blank manuscript papers ready to print. In 4 sizes. 3, 5, 7 and 9 staves. All in 3 variations. One without borders, and two more with lovely original, fun musical borders for more […]

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    Happy Notes

    Print them off – whatever size you like. Have them in a drawer waiting for any appropriate moment. Just write in the student’s name and send it home. The student will be able to tell their family why they received the Happy Note from their teacher. Did they practice well, stay on task, create a […]

  • Hidden Pictures

    These nine hidden pictures come in three variations: English/Australian Terminology USA Terminology The symbol/note itself The answer sheet is included, as well as a special blank grid for your students to create their own hidden picture! These sheets are very easy to use. The student identifies and shades just one note in the grid lines – voila […]

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    Ten Inspiring Bookmarks

    Download and print these bookmarks with inspiring quotes on them. Great for prizes, incentives or awards. Colour print on photo paper for best results. Can also be printed on card or paper and laminated for longevity. Want more? Members can access more bookmarks and 100’s of other resources, forums and workshop discounts.

  • Note Paper

    These cute music papers will be fabulous for a quick note at school or at home. Show everyone you love of music!

  • Happy Notes

    These colourful, ready to print messages are a quick and easy way to praise fabulous work or behaviour, or to tell a student you have noticed improvement in any area. Just print these off, a quick tick and flick, and then send this positive message home. Good communication with home is so important. These delightful […]

  • 11 Amazing Awards

    11 simply amazing music awards that will prove so valuable for your classroom, choir and instrumental groups.

  • Composer Mandalas

    Six amazing, original mandalas to colour. These colour by note Composer Mandalas will be a great addition to your classroom.  Though fabulous art works in themselves,  they also help your students recognise notes. They include English and American terminology. These sheets would be great in a sub tub,  for your workbooks, for quiet work while […]

  • Quote Code Breaker

    In this bundle you will find six different Quote Code Breaker sheets, each in two different formats. One has just the name of the music symbol, such as treble clef, the other has the name and the symbol. The first version is more of a challenge. Answer sheets are included. The quotes (by Bob Marley, […]

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    Sample Mandala

    This is one of the 6 in the bundle available for members.

  • Music Certificates – Red

    The same Twenty Two Purple Certificates, except in red if you prefer! Dare I say they are ‘very cool’, ready to print out and have on hand ready to reinforce all those positive happenings in your music room.

  • Music Certificates – Purple

    Twenty Two Certificates, dare I say ‘very cool’, ready to print out and have on hand ready to reinforce all those positive happenings in your music room.

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    Music Tagxedo Bundle

    Four Tagxedo images for music. I have included a chicken as I used it for Chicken in a Fencepost. I could play on this site all day!!!!

  • Treble Clefs Bundle

    Six colourful treble clefs ready to copy and paste.

  • Music Zentangle Numerals

    1 to 7 numerals drawn in zentangle style. I use them for the front of my workbooks, but they come in handy in many places. The students love to find all the little musical ideas that make up part of the design.

  • Bilby Bundle

    Five adorable Bilby Characters, both in black and white and in colour. For those of you outside Australia, you may not know that bilbies (rabbit bandicoots) are shy, nocturnal marsupials with long sensitive ears and a pointed nose.

  • Mega Clip Art Bundle – 14 images

    These 14 original images will prove very handy for brightening up your worksheets, power point presentations, workbooks, virtual classroom….

  • Mandala Bundle

    Six ready to print Colour the Mandala Sheets. The students love these!

  • Colour the Mandala Bundle

    Six colour by note worksheets to practice identifying crotchets, quavers, semiquavers and minims. Students love these!

  • Code Breaker Bundle!

    Here are ten ready to copy music symbol code breaker worksheets. They have a multitude of applications such as: fast finishers, relief teaching, ‘sore throat’ days, electronic display or create student workbooks.

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  • Pop Groups Answers

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  • Pop Groups Crossword

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    Pop Groups Crossword

    This crossword puzzle is an excerpt from the Crescendo Music Crossword Puzzle Collection, which is available to you with your membership. If you’re not a member yet, we’d love for you to join us!

  • Music Symbols Bingo

    This bingo game is quite advanced. Loads of fun revising note names and values, rests, some staff notation and dynamics markings!

  • Word Scramble 1

    Looking for more? Over 500 useful, motivating downloads available to Crescendo Members. Simply join for only $50 per annum.  Membership details on the home page.

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    Sam the Solfa Turtle Match l s m

    It’s as easy as drawing a line between the two matching boxes. This is a quick easy revision, or a speedy test! These worksheets would be good in group work or part of contract work. Match the ones that sound the same – stick and staff notation.

  • Advanced Music Bingo

    This Bingo Game is definately for the older music students. Symbols such as treble and bass clef, sharp, flat, pause, semibreve, time signatures… are used. Run this one off on bright coloured paper, laminate and Voila! a useful revision activity that is fun too.

  • Bookmark Go Confidently

    Bookmarks that may be used as rewards or gifts. Print them off (in colour if you can), cut and laminate. You could add a personal message on the back.

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    30 Days of Drawing

    Yes, this is a visual art resource. It just is too good to hide away. Please share this with your arts colleagues!  

  • Bookmarks Where Word Fail

    Print these bookmarks, cut and laminate, and you have instant rewards! Help to build a positive learning environment!  

  • Bookmarks – Life is a Journey

    A colourful A4 page that can be printed (in colour if you can!), cut and laminated. They look very effective if mounted on coloured cardboard slightly bigger than the paper. This adds a border or a frame to the bookmark. Use these as rewards for great work, appropriate behaviour or end of year gifts.  

  • Gorgeous Singing Bag Tag

    Motivation! This A4 sheets can be colour copied, cut into squares and laminated to create Bag tags for your students.   You could also copy them onto sticker paper to create your own stickers, or even print onto A4 paper to give to your students to glue into their books.

  • Music Award Bag Tag

    Motivation! This A4 sheet can be colour copied, cut into squares and laminated to create Bag Tags for your students. You could also copy them onto sticker paper to make your own stickers, or even print them onto A4 paper to give to your students to glue into their books.