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    It’s as Simple as Yes/No

    How can you use this little sheet? So many ideas, here are a few: “Is this the melody of Dinah?” (any known song) Teacher hums or plays a tune. “Is this the rhythmic pattern of See Saw?” (any known song or rhyme). Teacher taps a rhythm. “Does this rhythmic pattern contain a tika tika?” (or […]

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    6 and 7 Listening response

    Here is a listening sheet that was devised by Rosa Curcuruto for the Music.Count Us in song. Use it as it is, or edit to suit the pieces you use for listening.

  • Hall of the Mountain King

    Responding and Reflecting assessment sheet by Rosa Curcuruto.

  • Listening Grid

    A useful little listening grid.

  • Listening Response

    This is the Listening Response Sheet developed by Rosa Curcuruto for Music. Count Us In 2011. It is a good template for responding to other pieces of music as well. Just adapt to suite your needs.

  • Weekly responding sheet version 2

    A simple version of a responding sheet. Great for young students, it includes pictures.

  • Edward Elgar Biography

    Want more information about the life of Edward Elgar? Look no further than here

  • Elgar March

    This worksheet by Mary MacDonald- Raymond is fabulous, Using your ‘finger drum sticks’ play and say your choice of rhythms from the selection while you listen to the music.