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    Boomwhacker Rhyme

    Written by the talented Kristie Cote, this rhyme can be said while handing out your boomwhckers.

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    Songs in Colour

    Shared by Margaret Hoey, this fabulous little book will make a great addition to your book shelf. To quote Margaret: “This book is born from 30 minute music lessons with classes of approximately 25 students from age 5 to 8. There is never enough time! This system is the conglomeration of a Kodaly framework laced […]

  • Guitar Chords

    Chord diagrams for some basic guitar chord that students may be learning in the classroom

  • Ukulele Chord Charts – A3

    Here is the A3 version if you want to print them in a parger format for your classroom wall. Again, Thank you so much Keryn Henderson  

  • Ukulele Chord Charts – A4

    Thanks to Keryn Henderson for these little beauties! ¬†  

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    High G Recorder Chart

    Free example of recorder fingering diagrams to be displayed around the classroom. Sign up for membership to receive more notes!

  • Recorder Charts

    Fingering diagrams for students learning the recorder. Display around the classroom for students to refer back to

  • Blank recorder Pages

    This document has 4 recorder pages 1) Blank recorder page – you can laminate get kids to colour in the holes and fingernails of the note you select and also draw it on the staff. 2) A4 Page with 6 recorders which you can photocopy and do the same activity as 1) 3) Same as […]

  • I’m Yours – Ukulele Chords in colour

    Thanks to Julie Layt for this one. A great idea – the kids can sing along and the colours show them what chords to play and when to change.

  • The 4 Chord Song

    Learn these chords.. you can play anything!

  • Old Dan Tucker

    Song with guitar chords

  • Brown Eyed Girl and Put a little love for Ukulele

    Songs with ukulele chords provided

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    Guitar Chord – D

    Here is just one of the chord posters. Members get the whole set of 13 charts to print out and use in your teaching.

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    Percussion Ensemble Repertoire List

    A list of percussion ensemble repertoire that can be used with your school groups