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Feedback from the workshop Prepare for 2017: I really appreciate all your hard work! I’m hoping for a great year and so far it’s looking that way, especially with the stress off about planning, overviews and differentiation. Looking forward to learning more at your amazing PD sessions. I know that my students benefit from your passion. Tamara, Music Teacher

Thanks a million to you and Anne for a really great workshop yesterday [Prepare for 2016]. Your passion, planning and presentations are an inspiration to me. Germaine, Music Teacher

I became a member of Crescendo earlier this year but have only just sat down and started looking through all of the downloads.  I just wanted to say thank-you for everything!  So much work and dedication.  Your passion and willingness to share always impresses me. Kathryn, Music Teacher

I just want to let you know how much I appreciate your newsletters & website as I live & teach in Moree, NSW and feel a bit remote at times. Your newsletters are a source of encouragement to me. Thanks heaps for all the effort you put into them.   Lyn, Music Teacher

What a great and inspiring newsletter. Thanks for starting my week with a smile, inspiration and a desire to be a better music educator. Jill, Music Teacher

Thank you for our music inservice day, for sharing your work with us, your gifts and for your enthusiasm toward raising the quality of music education…. you are a legend! Shiree, Music Teacher

Thanks for being you – and so willing to share what you know and invite others to do the same. Makes for a lovely feel – great job! Debbie, Prep Teacher

Thanks again for a great session. Thoroughly enjoyable and, as usually, entertaining. I love your honesty in presentation style too Deb. You are only too willing to share your disasters and foibles as well as your successes. That helps us all to feel more normal when things are not perfect in our worlds. You have a real gift. You remind us all why we really love our jobs.
Celia, Classroom Teacher

As an experienced teacher (but a new music teacher) -I found your practical assessment ideas at the last workshop wonderful! I have been using your assessment circle ideas for the last few weeks & it has worked beautifully for me. I got through a lot of my assessment in 1 lesson & just finished things off the following week. 
I printed out the Kodaly flash cards you suggested & have been using them as well.
I also took your comments about professionalism on board & will be giving all my teachers their assessment in printed-out computerised versions.
Thanks for your inspiration – looking forward to Monday! Katy, Music Teacher

Debbie’s Workshops I have found invaluable because they are practical, honest and drawn from her different experiences as a music teacher. I know now how to read the core content in the syllabus and use that to form my program plus I am learning new repertoire, strategies on assessment, teaching improvisation and behaviour management, all of which have been valuable and that I have used in my current situation. I cannot wait to see what comes next from Debbie’s workshops. The networking opportunities with other music teachers that naturally lend themselves in these sessions I have also found beneficial to my teaching practice. Stephanie, Music Teacher

Thanks for last weekend.  It was a great day and nice to be re-inspired and given ideas for keeping music alive and fun in the classroom. Fiona, Music Teacher

Just thought I’d let you know that my School choir, consisting of 10 wonderful, talented and hard-working girls, won their section in the Gympie Eisteddfod today singing Roses are Red as our own choice song. Thank you so much for your fabulous song. I look forward to performing more of your works in the future. Desley, Music Teacher

You do an extraordinary job with Crescendo and it provides such a necessary resource for all. Rhonda, Producer, Music Lecturer, Composer, Performer.