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As an enthusiastic and experienced music educator, Debbie O’Shea is unparalleled in the field of music education. Her qualifications include a Masters of Music Studies, a Graduate Diploma of Music Education, a Bachelor of Education, and the Holy Names Kodaly Summer Certificate (California).

Debbie is currently working as a music specialist with Education Queensland. She has worked extensively as a classroom music teacher at primary schools from Cairns to Brisbane.

Being graced with the superb skill set that only a woman like herself can possess has created opportunities that have afforded Debbie the privilege of presenting at workshops and courses across Australia. She hopes to be operating on a global level within a few years.

Debbie worked as the manager of the writing team for the music outcomes in the new Years 1 to 10 The Arts Syllabus. She also wrote two music modules in the support materials for the syllabus.
She also loves composing choral music for children.

Between working and being a mum, Debbie has found the time to write her very own pieces of choral music which include, but are certainly not limited to “Jack Sprat” and “Daintree”.