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In this category you will find the documentaiton that I am creating and using right now!


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Creating my own workbooks this year! 

These booklets are available for members.

I have tried to minimize paper usage. Each semester uses three double sided A4 pages for the inside of the book and one double sided page, printed on a colour (a different colour for each eyar level) for the cover. When you send the files to print, you must do double sided printed flipped on the short edge.

The covers are uploaded separately.

One thing I love about these books already is that it tells the students clearly what will be taught and what I will be assessing. Each activity is designed to be VERY SHORT - as in my half hour lessons, time is very precious, and there is so much singing and playing to be done!!!!

Please know these are not the be all and end all of workbooks. I am SURE I will alter them for next year - they are a work in progress!!!!

I would welcome you thoughts and ideas! 


default Assessment Task Overview year 1 - 7

By 5 downloads

Download (docx, 23 KB)

Assessment Task Overview years 1 - 7 2013.docx

An upddated overview of the assessment tasks for years 1 - 7.

These are the ones I will be doing this year.

default Assessment Tasks and Criteria Sheets

By 4 downloads

Download (pdf, 1.23 MB)

All Criteria Sheet.pdf

Here they are!

One task per semester for our Year 1 - 7 classes.

I hope these are useful to you!!!

default Assessment Tasks and Criteria Sheets Word Version

By 6 downloads

Download (docx, 834 KB)

All Criteria Sheet.docx

Here is the word version of all the assessment tasks. This may not display correctly, so I have also uploaded the PDF version.

I use Bach Font (Free download from the net) for most of the music notation within word docs.

default How to create an Excel Electronic Mark book

By 2 downloads

Download (doc, 923 KB)

How to create an Exel Electronic mark book.doc

A brief guide to create a very usefuol electronic mark book that will add up your marks, give you a total, create a percentage and then colourcode to show you the final result!!!!

default Master Excel Markbook

By 2 downloads

Download (xls, 36 KB)

Checklist Master.xls

This is an example of an excel markbook created using the instructions given in this section. You can copy and paste that pages and the formatting will also be copied.

This might give you a head start on the whole process.

default Sample Criteria Sheets

By 3 downloads

Download (pdf, 580 KB)

Sample Criteria Sheets.pdf

Here are three of the 14 assessment tasks and rubrics for primary school.

All tasks will be available for members very soon.

default Tests - Semester 1 - Word Version

By 2 downloads

Download (docx, 1.88 MB)

Tests - Semester 1 - 2013.docx

Here is the Word Version of the Semester 1 tests.

This may help if you want to use them as a starting point and then edit!

default Tests Semester 1

By 1 download

Download (pdf, 1.06 MB)

Tests - Semester 1 - 2013.pdf

Here are the tests I am using this year for Semester 1. These are updated, ammended versions of the test that Anne O'Regan and myself wrote originally a few years ago. Nothing is set in stone, I am sure I will continue to ammend, but I am happy with these for now!

I hope they may help in some way: save you some time, give you some ideas... I hate the thought of all of us spending so many hours reinventing the wheel. It isn't as if we have nothing esle to do!!!!!

Over 1000 more downloads available for an annual membership!

default Tests Semester 2

By 4 downloads

Download (pdf, 446 KB)

Sem 2 test 2012.pdf

The PDF version of the tests from last semester. Ironed out many bugs I think.


default Tests Semester 2 Word Version

By 7 downloads

Download (docx, 1.56 MB)

Sem 2 test 2012.docx

The word version of the tests.

As you know, word can move things around, change symbols if you don't have the font etc...so here is the word version to have a play with. By looking at the PDF version you will know what it is supposed to look like!

Bach font is used. It is avaible on the internet as a free download.

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