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  • Music Literacy and Numeracy – Categories

    Teaching Ideas sheet based on the song Categories. One of the most useful, fun songs you will find for middle school students!!!!!

  • Music and Literacy – The Wheels on the Bus

    Teaching Ideas – The Wheels on the Bus. How to use this song to enhance your litereacy program.

  • Music and Numeracy – 1,2,3,4

    Teaching Ideas sheet 3. Using the rhyme One, Two, Three, Four.

  • Music and Numeracy – Adding On

    Teaching Ideas Sheet 2. Adding One, Counting on, through rhyme.

  • Music and Literacy – Initial Sounds

    Teaching Ideas Sheet 1. Reinforcing initial sounds.

  • Down by the Sea

    A template for your students to create and illustrate their own verse to this lovely song!  

  • Junior and Middle Music Word Wall

    Why not add a WORD WALL to your classroom. Apart from being useful revision for music knowledge, it creates literacy links. you can use this one as a template.

  • Little Bo Peep Rhyming Words

    Focus on rhyming awareness!

  • No Excuse Words

    These words are a great stand by if you want to support literacy in your classrooms. I have them in a bag, and the children draw them out for use in songs and games.

  • Movement Words

    Print these off for some instant movement ideas for your Early Childhood songs. Great literacy work as students choose and read them.

  • Letters for human phonemes

    Human phonemes Make a list of rhyming words – an animal and an object: fox – box   cat – hat   snake – cake   dog – log   fish – dish Choose students to represent the sounds in the words you’ve chosen. You’ll need one student for each sound Give each of the students a card with […]

  • In Place Movement Words

    Print these off, cut and laminate. Put them  out of a bag for text for all your early childhood movement songs!

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    Suggestions from the Literacy and Numeracy Workshop 2011.

    Suggestions from participants from the Literacy and Numeracy through Music workshop run in 2011. Ideas include – What to do with a set of toy animals, How to teach/reinforce syllables, Publishing ideas, Number stories, Ideas for ‘Down by the Station’ and everyones favourite numeracy song/rhymes. Down load this great resource today.

  • Fingers Thumbs and Toes – Little Book

    Print these little books off so that every child has one! Great readiness and early reading resource.

  • Fox in a Box Clip Art

    These are the clip Art files to go with the text file.

  • Fox in a Box Text

    This resource, along with the clip art file, was generously shared by Juanita. This is what she said: “I have made some clipart pictures of the Fox on a Box in preparation for next term.  I don’t have an interactive white board so thought that doing the words this way, laminating them and attaching magnets, […]

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    Reading Friends

    Reading Friends was written by David Waterworth. Thank you David for sharing. To contact David:

  • My Book of Fast and Slow Rhymes

    Print this off for your young ones and they can ‘read’ along with the rhymes. Of course they can illustrate the booklet to make it uniquely theirs!!!

  • Down By The Sea 2nd page

    The second page is for the child. They write (or you write for them) a rhyming word at the end of each line: snake and lake, dog and bog, fish and dish, cat and hat… Than the child illustrates the verse they have written. With several verses, you can create a class book that can […]

  • Down By The Sea 1st page

    This is the first page that I have created to go with the delightful children’s song, Down By the Sea. Print this one out as it is. It give you the first part of the song. Each child could have their own first page, or you might like to just have one for the front […]